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Welcome To Our Family Farm

Welcome To Our Family Farm

Hello there! – I’m so happy you found us! Thanks so much for stopping by our little farm.

I’m Noel, here at Bergala Family Farms. And this is our family’s little spot here on the internet.

Are you looking for a more simplified family home life? Are you trying to make the switch from processed foods to fresh home grown foods? Do you want to make more of those homemade meals and foods but just don’t have the time or energy to do it all?

When we started our little farm back in 2011, I had no idea how much I would really enjoy living the simple farm life. From planting in the garden and learning how to bring those home grown foods to the table to raising chickens for their fresh eggs. This is exactly what this blog will be about.


Our family decided back in 2011 that we wanted to take advantage of all the perks of living in a rural mountain area on ranch property. So after a little bit of research, we started off small with just a few chickens and ducks and planted a small garden out back.

Then in 2016, after many trials and errors we went bigger with more chickens, a bigger garden and just simply learning to live a more simplified homestead life.

Valuable Lessons and Successes

Working full-time, outside the home, it hasn’t always been as consistent as I would have liked. But here we are in a new year which brings with it some new goals in 2019: pay off our debt (including our mortgage), make more things homemade, have as many foods homegrown as possible four our pantry, simplify the way we live, and figure out how to have the time to work for ourselves. And just simply enjoy life.

Over these past few years, we learned quite a bit. We learned how to live more frugally, to meal plan, budgeting, and gardening, etc. We celebrated successes, and learned to work toward our goals in creating a simple family homestead.  Together. We’ll share all of that here.

Over this spring and summer, we’ll be spending quite a bit more time outdoors redoing the landscaping. We’ll soon be making way for a bigger garden and of course more chickens come this spring.

What You Can Find Here

This is a blog is of all things natural living, and cooking delicious and comforting family meals from scratch. We’ll also share how we live simply on a small family farm homestead. 

We’ll provide you with simple family recipes. Ideas, and tutorials for making your own natural products. Raising your own backyard flock, and living a simple lifestyle. 

You can read more about our family’s journey here

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